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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sounds interesting

I wish I knew more. For more information click HERE. I know. It is a FB link and I don't FB. Maybe more info will be forthcoming.

Also, I found this:

Urbana is having a B-17 gathering the Monday and Tuesday leading up to the event, May 14-15. The B-17s will be giving rides before heading over to NMUSAF for static display on the runway behind the museum (17-19) and a flyover of the museum on the 19th. I expect that it will be similar to the B-25 gatherings that have been held at NMUSAF - static displays for several days and a one-pass group flyover of the airpark. As of now, the following B-17s are expected to be in attendance:The Movie Memphis Belle, Aluminum Overcast, Yankee Lady, Madras Maiden,

From what I have heard, they are also hoping for a couple P-51's

H/T to Dale in Ohio


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