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Friday, March 2, 2018

P T Barnum..... "There's A Sucker Born Every Minute"

 Whether he said that or not is up to debate BUT, the buyers of this house fit that description...


Click on the house image to see why ^^^^

 My reaction when I read that....


  1. It's almost centered between Apple, Google and Facebook, so location, location, location. Course once they break Prop 13, (Property tax reform, kept taxes down) it won't be long before prices on homes drop.

  2. I am looking forward to the coming collapse at this point,it's gonna be 2008 again, on steroids.

    I just glanced at a headline today where some rat shack somewhere sold for the same price almost and was only 840 square feet.

    It's fucking ridiculous anymore. The 3 bedroom across the street from where I am renting went for 335K last Summer.
    There's some stupid motherfuckers out there with way too much damn money. They are all going to be upside down when it crashes.

  3. With such a glut of money, with the lack of the understanding of economics, the result will be companies finding better locations, overpriced real estate, and California losing more of what keeps the unsustainable economy from collapsing.

  4. From here, the first mystery is why anyone would want to live there. I don't see why California isn't a ghost state. No middle class at all; just zillionaires and illegal immigrants cutting their lawns and watching their babies.

    The second mystery is the price. How much do you have to earn to make payments on that price? Half a million a year? 3/4 Million? It's Weimar republic stuff.

    The third mystery is that's for 848 square feet. My workshop is almost that size.

  5. Where I live you could get that house for around 100K.

  6. Sounds like Auckland New Zealand.We also have absurd house prices


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