Saturday, March 3, 2018

Caturday at Phil's Busted Knuckles Garage....

Busted Knuckles...<<<


  1. His name is "Leeroy!!!" I got him for my birthday in 1976 in Iran when I was working for "Ol' Leeroy Grumman and his F-14 IRAN Program!!" Kathy Engavulsen came over, opened her purse an gave me this 6 week old Tabby Kitten and sang "Happy Birthday" to me!! He was the offspring of an "American Cat impregnated in the US of A" and came over to Iran with a Bell Helo Family and was born in Esfahan Iran where we worked!! Me and Chris, my wife, brought him back with us on that 747 to NY when we left!! He hung out with us till he disappeared in 1977... But Leeroy was the "Coolest of the Cool!!!!!!!" Just ask Chris!!


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