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Friday, February 16, 2018

She was gorgeous and had a great sense of humor

                                                      I bet she has made you laugh at some point in your life.


  1. It took me a minute, but I got it. My wife didn't get it, and she is an old movie lover from way back. She was really a beauty back then.

  2. Actually, she never did. I always found her tedious, but most people loved Lucy, so who am I to rain on their parade?

    BTW there was a point in her movie career when she was a very well-regarded dramatic actress.

  3. Yup! Lucile Ball.
    Pretty, wasn't she tho?

  4. i never found her funny, sadly. Watching her now with that awful laugh track...

  5. The only episode I found funny was the time Lucy and Ethel "worked" in a candy factory.

  6. I wasn't a huge ILL/Lucille Ball fan and never watched either with any regularity, but there was some scenes that made me grin.


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