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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Good Thing He Got A Brand New Jeep For Winter...

  This video drags you in and you can't stop watching...

( it's from 2014 )

The cameraman moves the screen after the video starts......... enjoy  :)


  1. I know it says Jeep on the side but that's not really a Jeep.....

    1. I was going to say the same thing; it's an SUV with a sticky little "JEEP" nameplate stuck to it.

      That guy probably just took about half the life off his transmission. 'Ever hear of "sand" or "shovel," guy? How about "snow tires"?

    2. 'Ever hear of "sand" or "shovel," guy? How about "snow tires"?

      Hell, even the car floor mats will work.

  2. In the wintertime keep a 1 gallon ziplock bag of kitty litter in the trunk or behind the seat in your truck. It only takes about a quarter cup at each wheel that is spinning and a little in the snow/ice in front of the wheel.

    I was at a truck stop in Indiana a few years back. There was a tractor trailer that was spinning his wheels and couldn't get moving in the icy snow. The trucker was going nuts. I went over with my baggy and offered assistance. He laughed at the kitty litter. I dosed up all the wheels and about 3 feet in front of each tire. He pulled out with no problems and parked in a cleared area. He spent a few minutes thanking me and gave me a $50 bill. I tried not to take it but he said it was not for getting him out but for teaching him that trick.

    1. Thanks Tony. I have s couple truckers that rent in the same building as I’m in. I’ll try that and see what happens. 😬

  3. The... stupid... was amazing! Wow!!!

  4. "You're only as good as your tires." - old racing axiom. The OEM tires are all-season radials and they're not chosen for grip. OEM tires are chosen for low price and a silent, smooth ride to impress the potential buyer during the test drive. Can the traction control on a Grand Cherokee be turned off? There shouldn't be that much wheelspin.


  5. You're right, Al - tires make the machine. All of our cars have studded snows all the way around. Except my truck, and I carry chains for that.
    I've got another saying for you, that my father always told me: Four wheel drive only gets you stuck farther from the road.

    Whitehall, NY

  6. Ahhh! More proof on why I'm glad to leave the Northeast. Of course, here in God's country, we have the people who think that rain means to drive faster.

  7. Stupid bastard deserved every second of that.
    Thanks for the giggle.

    We had snow and ice last winter, I drive an 83 El Camino.
    I put cable chains on the old fucker and got everywhere I needed to go, including work which is on a hill.
    We had several pussy motherfuckers who had 4 wheel drives call in saying they couldn't make it in that lived closer to work than I do.
    They must be related to this clown.

  8. Everyone who drives in Michigan's Upper Peninsula knows (OK not everyone) not to spin your tires, or at least spin them as little as possible. It only gets you stucker. The cat litter idea does work, but once you start spinning, it only makes ice. Two pieces of expanded metal (about 10" x 24" and the raised type, not the flat stuff) carried in winter in the trunk and wedged under (as far as possible) the drive tires provides tremendous traction to get out. As they age and get rusty and rustier, they provide even more traction. Do not spin your tires. Do not spin your tires. Do not spin your tires. And shovel a path if you can.


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