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Thursday, November 30, 2017

It is something to ponder


  1. fuck...............

  2. *looks at picture above* Good question...

  3. Hmmmm.....gonna think 'bout that one for a bit.....

    Yeah, actually I don't think that methadone is free; someone pays for the med.....oh my, it is usually Medicaid. Oh, and you hard working folks that pay taxes, pay for Medicaid. And the folks that usually use methadone.....they don't pay taxes because they usually don't work.....
    Hey, I only call them as I see them. Seeing as how I work as a case manager in an ER. And 50% of the people that walk through the doors don't have insurance or they have medicaid......

  4. Because two wrongs don't make a right.

  5. Because addicts vote "correctly"?

  6. Not 100% following... for one the average cost of methadone per treatment is $17, the average cost of Chemo per treatment is $7000. As a taxpayer I pay far more for Chemo for Cancer patients than methadone for addicts. You ask me, healthcare should be covered, a percentage of everyone's income could easily go to healthcare, yeah, sure, some people won't have an income and will "take advantage of it" but for f'sake it's healthcare... why would we want to deny anyone healthcare??? and for God's sake abolish the insurance companies, they're simply skimming off the exchange... have you seen the buildings they build and what they pay their CEO's f-that.


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