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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Bud Moore NASCAR Hall of Famer, WW2 Combat Vet, Landed at Omaha Beach June 1944, Five Purple Hearts, 2 Bronze Stars

Bud passed today. He was 92. I wonder what he thought of some of the young snowflakes of today with their "safe spaces",  "sensitivity training", political correctness, etc. RIP Mr. Moore.

Seen here with Dale Earnhardt. More on the story HERE.


  1. Hey Jeffrey;
    Men of Iron, not so many of those anymore.

    1. Indeed Mr.Garabaldi. I had very little idea as a young boy/man growing up that I was taught in school by, worked with, sat in the barber shop, went to church with, etc. men who were real heroes. Some, such as my grandpa, who landed at Omaha Beach and was under siege at Bastonge. Others were fighter pilots, bomber pilots or crewmembers of bombers. One was a glider pilot at who "landed" at Normandy and Arnhem. Some of these men were POW's. Some were at sea in the Pacific and fought and survived hellish battles involving kamikaze pilots. Some waded to shore to fight "no quarter" battles on some corral island that whose name as faded into obscurity. There were others too that fought and froze in Korea or suffered the heat, humidity as they battled the Viet Cong in jungles, tunnels, or on hillsides. They were men of Iron who were placed into extraordinary circumstances and did amazing things out of necessity to survive and preserve the lives of the buddies. They were real heroes and they didn't even seem to know it unlike some of these "self-proclaimed" sports "heroes" who would not know the meaning of the word if it were to bite them on the ass.

  2. RIP.

    I wouldn't have been worthy enough to shine the mans shoes.
    The pansies we have growing up behind us aren't fit to shine mine.

  3. Being a Ford man from childhood, Bud Moore and the Wood Brothers have always been my heroes. Unfortunately, the world is running out of those caliber of men, in a hurry.

    God speed, Bud.

    Whitehall, NY

  4. He was a legend. May he rest in peace.


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