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Friday, November 24, 2017

It is called "BLACK FRIDAY" for a reason

This massive brawl occurred at Riverchase Galleria just south of Birmingham (technically Hoover). I am not sure of the cause, but the news report I saw stated that at least a dozen police officers responded, but no one went to jail. WTF? Here is a shocker. The mall was closed early. One hour prior to the fight officers were called to the parking lot of Macy's (same mall) after reports of gunfire. I predict it will not be long until this mall goes the way of dinosaur as so many other shopping centers and malls have in the last fifteen years or so as a result of this type of behavior. When shopping becomes unpleasant and dangerous, paying customers move on to safer venues.

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  1. Yep, why go to the mall when you can sit at home and order online, in comfort and safety?

  2. I'm not even leaving the house today. And my shopping is already done! :-D

  3. Hey Jeffrey;

    Can you say "www.amazon.com"? Many people order online to avoid the crowds, the parking, the crime and other issues of large groups of self centered people.

    1. I agree. Everything yall have listed combined with little or no sales tax and often times free shipping makes online shopping a no-brainier.

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  5. I saw a video of a bunch of "people" fighting over ass-wipe at a Wal-mart. There were like eight rolls per package. Now if it was Venezuela or North Korea I could see it, but this was the USA. I stayed home all day. I know why they call it "black" friday. Frankly I dont even want to go out tomorrow but I need toner for my printer and dont want to wait for it to be shipped.

  6. It is what the shitheads do, you know.

  7. Avoid larger crowds... it safer.


  8. I haven't been to a mall in many years and I've avoided going out in public on Black Friday since this madness started. I won't even go to a grocery store.

  9. I'll tell you the main cause. The South should have picked its own cotton.


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