Tuesday, September 5, 2017

That's Some Funny Shit Right There....

h/t to reader Jeff


  1. My wife didn't get it but my old man would have laughed his ass off.

  2. That is too too funny. Howard flanked by OJ and Bruce.
    Who dug up that cave wall painting?

    Deplorable B Woodman

  3. Let me guess: Bruce is going to kill his wife and get away with it, Howard is going to become a woman and people will praise him for it, and OJ will be fired for saying "look at that monkey run" and never recover from it.
    White privilege in action...
    Am I close?

  4. I can hear his voice clearly, even after all these years.

    As for the meme maker, "he shoots... he scores!"

  5. That is funny. Who would have ever dreamed back in the day all that has transpired since this picture was taken?


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