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Thursday, September 7, 2017

"IF" The Day Ever Comes That Hillary Is Jailed.....


  1. If that happens, I'll buy the beer.

  2. Regret to advise that yes, some people are above the law. It is only for us little people. Don't feel bad, I didn't get the memo either.

  3. Fat chance. Still walking around and selling books and whining about why she lost. What a loser. My only consolation is she has to look at herself in the mirror every day and know she is a loser. No Bill. No Huma. No POTUS. No more pay to play.

  4. But she still has her millions of ill gotten money, although I doubt there's anything she can buy with it that will ease the torment of her savage, hate filled soul. Her remaining days on this Earth will be nothing but a seething turmoil of rancid emotion and bile. She's made her bed in this world, and more importantly, the next. Her time left to escape the eternal fires of hell is quickly disappearing.


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