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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Bring it on!! I can't wait for Global Warming...


  1. Shaken & Stirred I like...

    But on a serious side note:
    Any one else notice how these predictions always seem to
    be predicted generations into the future, but and never seem to occur before being re-titled?

    * I grew up in the late 60-70's with a predicted Global ICE AGE by 1980's, with everyone frozen to death. It did not happen.

    * I lived thru Global Warming with predicted death of humanity by 1990's and flooded coasts 100's on miles inland. Melted Ice Caps and polar bears with no where to go. I watch Mad Max, The Day After... and lots of B movies using the theme, but it did not happen.

    * I now am living thru Climate Change, which avoids taking any firm weather climate position.
    But blames ANY climate or political issue on Climate Change.Just WT_ does North Korea, Illegal Immigration, Trump, earthquakes and etc. have to do with Climate Change?

    * I have noticed Al Gore and others made $MILLION$. But are they sharing the wealth $$$?

    * I have noticed Hollywood has made dozens of climate Movies and made $BILLION$. But are they sharing the wealth?

    * I have noticed how the Political Elite have used and abused the Climate Agenda. But my taxes keep going up...

    * I have notice their proof always seems to found in the most inaccessible locations Polar areas or out over Oceans only a handful of people can get to.

    * I have live 62 years and to be honest I have seen nothing knew that I have not lived thru before.

    I am sure Climate Change will become Climate Shift or something in another 10-12 years, or some other non-descriptive name so they can keep milking it for $$$, Power, and social controls?

    Sorry I just cannot buy into it having witnessed the 3 previous failed climate predictions and who is making all the $$$$$.

    1. They can't predict a hurricane landfall from three days out.


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