Sunday, September 24, 2017

BREAKING NEW: 6-8 People shot at Church in Antioch Tennessee

UPDATE: Shooter is a 25 year old man from Sudan

Move along here, nothing to see. Just another "triggered" musoloid shooting up a church full of elderly White Christian people. I hope people wake up and soon. The jihad that has been taking place in European countries with these savages is beginning to happen here more frequently than in the past. If anyone thinks "these people" are ever going to assimilate and this situation is going to get better without firm measures to counter this Mulsim invasion, they had better think again. Whoever is responsible for allowing, facilitating, sponsoring, etc., in any shape form or fashion, another of these animals onto American soil is nothing but a traitor and worthy of a traitors fate.

Click HERE for one of the many stories that are on the interweb.

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Details are sketchy at this point, but here is one story that I Googled:



  1. A clown mask?

    Sounds like the clowns from antifa.


  2. It was a negro. It's what they do. Over and over again. Forever.

  3. Hey Jeffery;

    According to Drudge, the guy is from the Sudan and he emigrated here in the 90's. From what I have seen from his social media, there is nothing about islam in it so I am wondering if it was "roid rage" or something...

    1. Probably nothing more than typical musoloid jihad rage. LOL!

  4. And the lesson here folks? FIGHT BACK. One man fighting back disrupted the perp. One account states that the bad guy shot himself as he and the other fellow struggled. Other accounts do not mention this. Still, FIGHT BACK. With an armed response if possible (yes, I carry in Church), but fight back regardless. It would seemingly have been far worse otherwise.

  5. It is a pity that the concealed carry permit holder was not carrying his weapon on him when the incident occurred:

    More people might have been saved ...

    Phil B

  6. Black domestic terrorism? A member of BLM "getting even" for the black church members shot by a white guy a year or two back? Or a Sudanese who recently joined (or returned to) islam, after listening to some imam who hates infidels?

    1. However this shooting is classified, I'd be surprised if the perp is prosecuted under "hate crime" laws.

  7. Network news coverage of this latest incident:
    1-Mostly white church. (NOT mentioned in story)
    2-Only interview black church members on TV.
    3-Shooter never shown, or his background mentioned.
    4-FBI investigating shooting as a "HATE CRIME".

    SUMMARY: Narrative presented in major network news stories on this shooting edited to lead the average (low information) viewer to believe that a 'southern black church was shot up by a raciest white male'.

    Typical network "shaping of public opinion" though selective coverage.

  8. Yup! The New Crusade will eventually begin. If not in Europe, Here. But we are more of a problem than Europe, as they have been essentially disarmed, both literally and figuratively. So The Jihad won't go over too well here, since the indoctrination of islime in this country is confounded by our Constitution. That and the fact that we free citizen can take care of it before we even need the government military involved.

  9. Fight back fight back fight back

  10. Fight back fight back fight back


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