Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Big Brother, Nanny State, ASS-achusetts and Applus Technologies.... What Do They Have Going On You Ask?

 Check out the new ASSachusetts vehicle inspection requirements.

There will be 4 cameras in the bay plus a personal camera the technician uses.


Massachusetts-based auto enthusiast forums and Facebook groups are abuzz with concerns about revisions to the state's vehicle inspection program that will take effect October 1. Although the laws regarding inspections remain unchanged, updates to inspection equipment will include five cameras in every bay to verify that no violations slide by with a sticker.

A Massachusetts Department of Transportation document outlines the upcoming changes. A new vendor, Applus Technologies, won the bid for a $29 million five-year contract to oversee the inspection program. One reason their bid was lowest is that inspection stations, rather than the state, will be expected to foot the $5,710 bill for new computer equipment, which includes the cameras, wireless equipment, robust tablets that can withstand an auto shop environment, two printers, and anti-fraud technology to make it more difficult to produce counterfeit stickers.

Applus Technologies is no stranger to Massachusetts vehicle inspection. The Boston Globe reports that this is the same company that managed emissions testing in the early 2000s that was found to be wildly inaccurate. In 2004, the state ordered Applus to replace all of its faulty equipment within nine months. Many were surprised to learn that Applus had regained the contract, and hope that reliability and accuracy issues do not return.


My first thought is, how is Applus connected to the lawmakers? Hmmmm..... 

I am so glad I left that shithole of a state.


  1. What?
    I was convinced that's where you were at.
    Wherever you wound up has to be better than that shit stain on the Constitution of a state.

    1. I'm across the border in NH. ASSachusetts north. Lol. Live free or die but get a permit first.


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