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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Who Died And Left Them To Play God Anyhow?

After being labeled a "hate group", Dr. James Kennedy Ministries has filed a lawsuit against Guidestar, Amazon, and probably the number one hate organization in the country, the $outhern poverty law center (intentionally not capitalized). For far too long the $PLC has wielded way too much power in labeling any person or group who has an opposing viewpoint to their leftist mantra. It is time the bullying stops.  Best of luck DJKM!

For more on the purveyors of hate, click HERE.

For the story regarding the lawsuit click Here.



  1. splc is notable for the size of their warchest. Many charities live hand-to-mouth. When somebody makes a donation, as soon as the check clears the monies are dispersed to address a need. Some charities operate with two weeks worth of expenditures on hand.

    The splc, on the other hand, has seven *YEARS* of "expenses" banked. And what are their expenses? Why, it is the salaries they pay themselves.

    It is conspiracy of sinecures masquerading as a charity, much like the Clinton Foundation.

  2. You got the spelling of right! VDare has been spelling it that way for sometime. Everyone else needs to spell it like that as well.


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