Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Georgia Officials Were Set To Approve Building Plans For A New Mosque-Until An Armed Militia Threatened To Protest

Bully For Newton County! Of course, the "officials" will more probably cave eventually. Reports indicate that Newton County officials cancelled the scheduled commissioners meeting citing "security" concerns. This is breaking news, being less than twenty-four hours old. The story I first saw was from The Washington Pravda,,,,,,,,,,,,uh, Post. There is no telling how this will be spun by the MSM tomorrow. I'm sure it will be something like "KKK- Skinhead Hillbillies Armed (aka Trump supporters) to the Teeth With Evil Assault Rifles Stalls Construction of an islamic Place of Worship"............."the state attorney general, DHS, and FBI are on the scene to ascertain if any "hate crime laws" have been violated", etc.  I'm sure there will be a plug like in the mix to the tune of something like "SPLC Declares Newton County Georgia a Racist Zone", etc. Most Americans do not want islamists on our soil, nor do we need them. What purpose do they serve but to kill and terrorize anyone who disagrees with them? I admire the Georgians for making a stand for their beliefs and against islam. One man even is threatening to shred the koran (see Matt Bracken's Piss Christ, Piss Koran

Deo Vindice  

See more HERE. (naturally this is a very biased anti-American piece by the Huffington Post, but the story is there nonetheless).

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