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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

So, After a long hard life as a human, the greenies find a way to flush what's left of you down the sewer without hurting the enviroment.... nice of them.

A Canadian funeral home called Hilton’s AquaGreen Dispositions is the first in Ontario to use a pioneering “flameless” cremation method to dispose of dead bodies. Unlike a conventional cremation, the process does not release carbon dioxide or other pollutants into the atmosphere, instead using a combination of water, salt, and potash to dissolve organic material into a sludge that can be filtered and then safely disposed of using the existing sewer system.


How far away are we from this??

I would prefer leaving a HUGE carbon footprint when I go...........


  1. There was a proposed sequel to Soylent Green that unfortunately, was never made.

    It would have involved Heston's character trying to convince the world that Soylent Green was made from old people but to his horror it turned out that not only did everyone know it they didn't care.

    It would of been a more depressing, psychological type of film about the state of nihilism and humanity's disconnect....

  2. I want to go to my Maker accompanied by weeping, wailing and inconsolable loved ones throwing themselves on my coffin, hearse, flowers, grave site and tombstone.

    I don't wanna go as a Slurpee.


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