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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Fire Everyone From Top to Bottom


Apparently, a nine year old student made an innocent comment about the brownies at the end of the school year party. The comment prompted school officials to call 911. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, another student interpreted the remarks as racist. Instead of explaining to the child what he did wrong (if anything at all), calling his parents, or using several courses of discipline available, the school officials called law enforcement.



H/T to Bob in Kentucky


  1. Speaking of brownies, remember that episode of that 70's show when the parents got the pot brownies and Red sold the Vista Cruiser ?

    About the last TV show I bothered to watch before I threw that eyeless instrument in the trash.

  2. The person that called 911 needs to be arrested and charged with filing a false police report.

  3. Why is this story blocked at Fox news?


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