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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

An Interesting Scenario......

sent in by anon


  1. Also, going with an all-girl ticket seems rash, strategically foolish. Unless they really never intended that ticket to go all the way to November. There might be something here.

  2. He could be right. But... Hillary give up? Roll over? Nahhh! Her ego is as big as Bill's sex drive and I think she really, really wants to be president. She won't give up. I think she will "win" (win in quotes because the Dems will cheat on the election). Hillary will be our next president and god save us all.

  3. File under "Things that make you go hmmmmm, or Oh Shit!"

  4. I think I am with Sig94 on this one...damn but it makes a lot of sense, and from my "gut" at first glance...before reading it...."Oh Crap!"

  5. Hell, just the picture of them together scares the crap out me. Regards Jeff C. in NC

  6. Of course Hillary could give it up. She sold her soul to the devil a long time ago. It is all she has ever wanted was to be was so filthy rich she could get out of the backwoods pig sty society she and that pig porking impeached ex president she married were in in Arkansas. She will probably be offered a lot of money and she will probably accept it. Remember were talking about people with no moral conviction, no values, no humility and no soul.
    Bernie in the passenger seat? i don't know. I think it would have to be some one a lot more dangerous.


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