Friday, February 19, 2016

My Old Cars

Earlier today I stopped by Brock's place at Free North Carolina (429 Boss link) and checked out this interesting story of a couple of rare BOSS 429's (not the car shown). That story brought back some old memories from my teenage years and prompted me to post piece.

While not a BOSS 302, I had a 1970 model fastback in this same Grabber Green paint scheme. The rest is part of the comment I posted at Brock's.  It had the "C" stripe that was reflective white (like the BOSS'). I was 15-16. It was  nice car with factory  paint, interior, etc. It had a 351 Windsor in it with a four speed transmission (I'm not sure if the engine was factory, but I believe the manual transmission was. It wasn't a super "fast car" , but a good car. Two of my best friends at that time owned '70 BOSS 302's. One was orange and one was red. The guy who owned the orange one got the car in very good condition about 1977. The only thing it was missing was an engine. He put a stock 302 in it and drove it much of the time he was in high school. In the mid-nineties he came across a factory BOSS 302 engine at a Ford show and bought it. He has since fully restored and still owns that orange BOSS. As a side note on of my other best friends owned a 1969 fastback Mustang. It is kind of odd that we accumulated this many fastback ponies when "muscle cars" were going out of style. We all lived in a very remote area (as an example, my senior class was 52 souls). I never was a huge Ford fan, but I liked (and still do) the ponies along with a few other FoMoCo workhorses. I wonder where my old green machine is today!  I had 26 before I got out of high school. Some were classics, fast, junk, etc.  LOL. I really have dreams about two '55 Chevy's I owned and the dreams are so vivid. The sound of the engines, the feel of the steering wheels, etc. I've been told that you there are not any smells in dreams, but there are in these. I could go on forever about "my old cars"  Check out this video from Chris Knight.


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