Friday, February 19, 2016

Bern It To The Ground..... One Way To Get It Over With

  Here's one way to get things rolling.

"Ditch"  left this comment over at on a post at AWD

"Zero hope for Merica is correct. Admit, none of the Repubs can fix any of this. All will offer reduced taxes, cut spending, a border fence,, etc. All of this is like putting band aids on a cut artery. We will continue to bleed for many years and only prolong the agony. 

The big fat, grossly overweight Merica is dead, pull the plug, no more life support.

The only solution is shut it down and try again. That is why I am voting for Bernie, he is the quickest path to a total collapse."

Bern it to the Ground, vote for Bernie! 


  1. A unique perspective, to be sure.

  2. No! I will NOT vote for Bernie or anyone else that wants to bring us to our knees. Giving up and caving in to this garbage is what got us into this God awful mess in the first place. If we let it fail this time, we will never be whole again. This is our very last chance to make those changes. I don't want to live like the Europeans or any third world country. Do you?


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