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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

We Can Only Hope

As 2019 approached President Cruz reflected on the accomplishments of his first two terms. He was satisfied that congress had finally repealed Obamacare, though it wasn’t necessarily their idea. Without a President willing to throw billions at the system, the health care experiment was upside down six months after his inauguration, unable to sustain itself. Many insurance companies jumped ship long ago, and the few remaining that were holding out for a monopoly went bankrupt. The Affordable Care Act and it’s $500 billion price tag was a disastrous failure, not only for the tax payer, but for the insurance industry as well.

President Cruz was thrilled, and frankly quite surprised, at the effectiveness of health insurance portability across state lines. Insurance company start ups and investors flocked to the new competitive markets, premiums and deductibles had already fallen by 62 percent and experts say if the competition continues, health insurance could cost as little as auto insurance by 2020. Cruz’s approval rating had spiked at 72% but may climb even higher as working Americans continue to benefit from this legislation.



  1. Irish, OFF Topic!
    your header photo looks a lot like places I've worked in the woods on rare coastal snow days. The miserable cold and wetness is counteracted by scenes like this. One day I watched a herd of ~12 elk cross the stream I was walking. I froze. The wind was in my favor and they didn't know I was there. A Go Pro would have been cool, but alas, in 1990, there was no such thing.


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