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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Seems Like "Youths" Aren't Just Causing Trouble At The Malls....

Over a thousand "youths" cause major issues at a Kentucky mall according to 


I guess the "youths" in Maryland wanted to try their hand at disrupting life for 
others with NO consequences.....



  1. That's the shit that gives bikers a bad name. Pricks.

  2. They can only abuse as long as regular people remain polite...and that only goes so far.

  3. I wouldn't have had the patience. Effing punks. Deuce and a half with a belt fed .50 woulda put a quick end to that nonsense.

  4. Animals. They need to be put out of our misery.

  5. As you Irish, I am and always have been a bike enthusiast.
    I meet young guys that ask if I want to go ride with them in their "pack". I tell them that it all seems a little gay. One of the best parts of a motorcycle is being alone! I mean, I love going dirt biking with a buddy or two, but that's the extent of it.
    As others have said, this makes us all look bad -assholes.
    But I suppose as far as youth causing problems go, at least they aren't out robbing and shooting people, right?

  6. One NIGHT several years ago - on my way to Annapolis - a large group of 'bikers' made a game of driving on the stripe between the cars on a divided highway. They suddenly turned it into a "Game Group"... You couldn't hear them coming up on you - yet if I had changed lanes to pass someone - I would have run right over them and been responsible. Frightening... all I still think about is - how horrible their little stunt could have turned out.

  7. I ride but not like these idiots.

    Years ago I had somebody with that mentality that live a few doors down behind me. He would get on his ricer bike at 5AM and redline it down the alley between the houses. When he passed my place he would always be shifting gears. My neighbor and I tried to speak with him about this and was told to FO. My neighbor re-graveled his access to the alley the next afternoon at dusk. The following morning the rude biker unfortunately lost control of his bike in the alley when he was winding it out. When he healed up and got a new bike he was very respectful leaving every morning as the entire alley now had pea gravel from one end to the other.

  8. typical bunch of crotch rocket assholes .this is what gives all bikers a bad name .

  9. Irish just to balance up this silly show of sad wannabe,s post this you tube upload of men and a few
    women back across the pond that take balls to the wall sports riding to the max with no hold ups


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