Wednesday, June 24, 2015

If You Would Like To Support Our Allies, Unlike Obama...

Charity Bleg :

Blog buddy and fellow Patriot  Hunt, PE is on my blogroll, and has occasionally forwarded me good leads and other articles. He’s asked me to put out a charity bleg request, specifically for an Israel-based 501c3 charity, Connections Israel, where he is on the Governing Board; he has other charities he supports as well.  (Note that he puts his own money to work there; among his many contributions to the group was to send three care packages of kosher goodies, plus custom-embroidered hats, to the IDF Navy ship Achi Kidon.  Here’s the video where these boxes and hats were delivered.

He just got an email requesting funds for protein and energy bars for the soldiers on maneuvers.  Apparently the Israeli defense budget focuses on necessities, but not small luxuries like this.  (If you’re really ambitious and want to send protein bars directly, please make sure they have a kosher certification marking.  If you do this, David recommends you buy an unopened box as it’s easier to ship than loose bars.

David thanks you in advance.

You never know, you might get a personal thank you note:

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