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Friday, June 26, 2015

Are White Men Gods? (II): Getting the Facts Straight


 From "Fredoneverything":

I find Cornel West, a black professor, complaining of White Supremacy, which he believes our black President needs to remedy. Obama, he says, is “niggerized.”
“A niggerized black person is a black person who is afraid and scared and intimidated when it comes to putting a spotlight on white supremacy and fighting against white supremacy,” West said.
I would like to explain to Professor West a few things about this dread supremacy:
We have White Supremacy, Professor, because for 2500 years we, whites, have produced the best minds on the planet, the greatest flourishing of the arts and sciences ever seen, the most complex and organized societies. We have White Supremacy, whatever exactly it may be, because we have been the earth’s most successful race. No other has come close. Deal with it.


h/t to Jeffery


  1. Exactly!
    I preach this often.

  2. Sounds like the professor hasn't been paying attention.

  3. Excellent article. Thanks for turning me on to Fred Reed. He's a good 'un.

  4. Certainly applies to the Muslim world as well doesn't it.
    Well they did have the little spike back in the 7th century or so, but I'm referring to the current state of things.


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