Sunday, April 19, 2015

Link O'rama... In Case You Missed Any Of These

Compiled and submitted by AFOI
** Wait until they're out in the real world and get a good chewing out from their boss.
** Because LEGAL immigrants come here, work hard, and tend to be more Conservative because they know they LEFT a
hell-hole.  ILLEGALS are the Left's new voter base.
** Barackus has an agenda: Taking America down:
** Enabling enemies, distancing allies, weakening our economy.

** It's ALWAYS Israeli double-standard time.  Related:
** First, kudos to Egypt's Sisi.  Second, you KNOW that if Israel did this they'd be condemned.
** They went BACK to the gas station SPECIFICALLY to assault this guy.  Bullets.  Brains.  Assembly.
** Remember, these people are COMMITTED, these people are MISSIONARIES.  This. Is. Their. Life.
** The MSM is in the enemy camp.  Treat them accordingly.
** There is only ATTACK and ATTACK again.
** I am reminded of this video:
** Stand and FIGHT.
** A good guide.
** But... but... but settled science!
** There can be no freedom without the right to disagree.
** For every one that voices this sentiment, there are hundreds who do not.
** The nature of the enemy.
** Most people don't want the truth.
** "Frank" is Frank Davis.  In Barackus' own words, a COMMUNIST was one of his mentors.
** I sense a pattern.  Something is coming, and IMHO soon.
** The picture alone is worth looking.  And the source article:
** Quote: "There's no embargo to blame in Venezuela. Hugo Chavez destroyed his own Bolivarian revolution by
implementing it."  >> PROOF the Left CANNOT learn.  Related:
** There's something REALLY WRONG with a political philosophy that romances the misery of others.
** And yet, American Jews will INSIST Barackus is not a threat to Israel.  More:
** NINE MILE WIDE.  That's the coastline strip connecting northern Israel from southern Israel.  That is NOT defensible.
** An excellent analysis, but a key quote: "As for progressives, they have a long history of romances with dictators, from Mussolini in the 1920s to Mao in the
1960s and Fidel Castro today. This preference for a strongman reflects the progressive belief that their utopian aims require a vigorous centralized power
unimpeded by the will of an ignorant "people.""  And a concluding quote: "The only thing to do about progressives is expose their absurdities, and then beat them
at the polls."  >> Here lies the problem: Exposing their absurdities requires FACT, which most people gloss over in favor of FEELINGS.
** Wait, where is Barackus' consigliore Jarrett from again?
** They can fact-check Scott Walker's sweater purchase price.  Shrillary gets a pass.
** Quote: "Rules are for the little people."
** Animals.  The man SHOULD have pulled and FIRED and DROPPED a couple of them.
** People need to be brought to trial for this, and I don't mean JUST the murderers.
** Deliberately wrecking our military.
** Wild Bill video.
** Yes it is.
** Barackus' soul is Muslim, and it shows.
** If only we had a profession whose job it was to investigate and vet the backgrounds and associations of
political candidates.  We could call them "reporters".
** Long, with more innuendo than I'd like to see, but still...
** Yes, here's you're yellow star.
** You have GOT to be kidding me.
** The future.  The problem is that, NO MATTER WHAT, the Left wants single payer.
** A new low of brazen partisanship, even for MSNBC.
** How many will die?  A lot.  And what will be worse - the storm of cries of "Islamophobia".

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