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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A New Addition For Your Aquarium..." Mammamus Siliconus Voluptuous "...

  Sometimes they are out of the water and covered.....

and sometimes you can find them in their natural habitat....

 you can spend hours watching them frolic!


  1. Many years ago I went to the club med at Bora Bora. While snorkeling I had the great experience of watching two nicely built topless girls snorkeling towards me, using only fins.

    The kicking action made their breasts undulate back and forth in synchronized waves. 4 boobies left, then 4 boobies right, and so on.

    I swam that damn lagoon for hundreds of hours hoping to see them again,

  2. With "water wings" like that, she certainly won't have to worry about drowning.

  3. I don't know as how they're fake the way they wave propagate.

  4. If one could but purchase those at the local pet store, SIGH.


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