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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Looks Like The Weekend Crew Is Working.....


  1. Looks like a shipbreaker's yard in Chittagong. They lose a couple of guys every year when they cut out deck plates in a circle, while standing in the circle and then falling to their death. It's a sign of how bad a person I am, but every time I see footage of Indians or Pakistani shipbreakers at work, the Benny Hill theme music runs through my head. You could make a cable show out of it, if you run it at 2x speed.
    Seriously, try listening to the music while watching that .gif.

  2. Cookie cutter of epic proportions...

    Love the new header btw... itchy nose? ;-)

  3. When things start crashing down around me the first thing I do is remove my hard hat.

  4. How much did he have to clean out of his pants?


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