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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

According To Kalifornia, I Have To Wash My Hands Everytime I Use My New Argon Regulator....

The other day I had to get a new regulator for my argon tank on the welder.

There on the front was my WARNING!

Ya, ok....


  1. what the heck kind of argon are you using? the argon tetrahedryhl lead version?

    1. I can only imagine the regulations for that gas!

  2. Check out wire cutters post this morning. Roman lead water pipes still workmg in Britain!
    And here they're worried about parts per million exposure!

  3. Well, hell. Now you'll have to wash your hands before you go take a piss.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. There's lead in brass. .gov classifies the brass from our machine shop as hazardous waste unless it's lead free. Taking it home to my machine to do the work saves enough money to offset the cost of the tooling. Plus, the gold sparklies in my yard look cool ;-)

  6. You must have hard well water up there - made your finger stiff.....

  7. Oh my god! I touch one of those at work, every day, several times per day!


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