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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Missing/ Quiet Bloggers... Does anyone know how....

these bloggers are doing?

Stephen at Dixiecritter

Duke at DownRangeReport

Johnnyreb at TheRebelYell

Coolchange at TranquilityLost

Ima at Thewordybitch

 Just wondering if any of you are still lurking or if anyone knows if they are alright.


  1. I see Stephen just posted on Aug 1st. The rest? Not so much...

  2. Duke and the Mrs have a farm or land and has been busy with that, I think Stephen is busy with his gun shop I don't follow the rest or know of them.

  3. I've been wondering about Johnnyreb and Coolchange too

  4. I do hope all are well and just needed a break. Stephen must have the comment section turned off. Nothing is showing up that I posted.

  5. Stephen most recently said that he wanted to just "walk away from the internet for awhile", when I asked.

    1. Thanks Rev Paul. Please tell him we said Hi.

  6. Does anyone know id Jim of ParkwayRestStop has any plans to resume blogging ?

  7. I saw Ima on a Yahoo group thingy just a few weeks ago, she says she's not dead.

  8. I'm not dead yet! With my new-ish (2 years) job, I've been keeping a low profile. I'm debating whether to return to the blog once they can't fire me ;-) or starting a new one. I lurk for now.


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