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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hey Irish, Does Anything Exciting Ever Happen At The Bunker?

 Why yes, sometimes things do.  Yesterday morning I was setting up tooling in the tool room when suddenly I saw movement out of the corner of my right eye. As I turn my head to look and my brain starts to acknowledge what I'm seeing, the little voice in my head says "What the F&$k?!"  The other voice said "Stand still and DON'T squeal like a little girl."  As I'm processing the info, said movement slowly walks behind the Kennedy tool box that I'm standing in front of then appears on the other side heading toward the orange CNC tool rack moving right to left along the wall.

 I fumble for my phone to grab a picture because it's 9:00am, I haven't been drinking (yet) and god knows no one will believe me. By the time I get the phone out, he disappeared into the little hole in the wall that you can see at the base of the orange cabinet. This crime scene photo is from this morning.

At this point, I'm saying "NOW what do I do?".  About 5 minutes later my neighbor in the industrial park walks in and I start telling him the story. He has a sheepish look on his face as I am speaking and seeing his reaction I start putting 2 and 2 together.

About 15 minutes before my encounter.......

     .... my neighbor had "dropped" off his "friend" and the little bastard ran out into the woods, down around the building and then walked into the back door of my shop. Somehow he made it down along the wall into the tool room and walked right around me as I was standing there , then proceeded to disappear into the wall.  During the day we kept an eye open and I was hoping he wasn't going to die in there (PEW) or come out at night and set off the alarm. 

We close in the area and set the trap up over night. Luckily, to my relief.  we caught the cute little black and white kitty sometime over night!! 


  1. Seeing a skunk like that will wake you up quicker than coffee. We had one get into our shop at home i ran out the door so fast my feet didn't touch the ground.

  2. My mother had a house sitter about 20 years ago who was on the computer in mom's office when a skunk walked right under her legs, crawled into the cat's litter box, curled up and went to sleep. Freaked her right out.

  3. In case I need to know... how do you approach the trapped and mad stink bomb without getting hosed down? I would think the battle is only half over at this point.

    1. They seem to remain rather calm in the cage. Maybe because they can't lift their tail way up? Anyway, I have a large rubbermaid
      trashcan that I laid on it's side and slid then slid the cage in slowly. After that I walked him outside and about a quarter mile away for release. The shop door out back is closed for now :)

    2. Excellent technique. Will need to remember the trash can. I trapped two groundhogs under my shed. Those little buggers each put up a fight when I picked up the cage. I feared it would break through to me each time. Mean little buggers.


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