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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Stone Walls For Jeffery In Alabama...

 Yesterday Jeffery inquired about the stones in the foreground in my deer picture....

Here is some info and some pictures from today's trek these are running all through the woods
and along the trails. I cover 2 miles and below are images of the walls I pass by.

     New Hampshire farmers have been building stone walls since the 18th century, if not earlier. Originally, the stone walls helped to mark boundaries and rights of way. They also served to separate different parts of farms, at times keeping livestock out of areas where they were not wanted. Finally, stone walls served as a place to deposit the many rocks found in New Hampshire fields. Throughout the 19th century, the stone walls varied in size and quality. Some were quite formidable. Today they are an attractive landscape feature and a reminder of New Hampshire's agricultural roots. 

 By One Estimate, there were over 250,000 miles of stone walls.....

This last one I added my foot to give reference to the size of the stones


  1. Yep, when the land 'grows' rocks, you gotta do something with them...

    1. Most of them are left from the ice that covered New England. There is a plaque near the flume gorge near Franconia nh that says the ice was 2 miles thick


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