Sunday, December 1, 2013

What Do You See In The Header?

 Blog friend and commenter rgranger left the following comment earlier
today in regards to the new header for the blog.

"Sorry to ruin this thread, but is does that tattoo on the main
 picture resemble the obama logo....yeah, sorry!"

 I didn't notice it until he pointed out the tattoo.........I guess it might, but she doesn't look
like an Obamabot to me!

So, let's try a poll and see what the general consensus is.  

This ( below ) was the header, I changed it to the new one:


Does It Matter? free polls 

Maybe I should change the header to this one? 


  1. I don't care about that, I didn't even notice it - it's that her big toe is curved upward that bothers me!
    Yeah, I'm a weirdo.

  2. Wow I will never come here again:)There was no vote for bigger tits so I didn't vote.

  3. Not Obama, not even Pepsi. And I vote for bigger tits too because #Christmas.

  4. It's what I DON'T see that is so sexy.

  5. Is that a photograph or computer drawing?

    She looks familiar to me, like an actress I've seen somewhere. But some things, like the dog on the right, don't look real.

  6. The sword is mine so everyone back off---LOL

  7. Feral, the tattoo is the color and form of the "Transgender Flag" an its different variation...
    Google Transgender flags... You'll see those same colors and shapes, There are also different flags for different kind of transgender s...

    The tattoo you see in her shoulder is a variation of Transgender flag....

  8. If Mr. Butler is right---Who stole my sword????

  9. Transgender: WTF is that skin hiding - no, I don't want to know. Thanks James, you didn't help :)


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