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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fort Worth Drivers Pulled Over For "Voluntary" Blood, (DNA) and Alcohol? No Way Can That Happen, Right?... Guess again!!

I just saw this over at "JAWAREPORT"

North Texas Drivers Stopped at Roadblock Asked for Saliva, Blood


 Some drivers in North Fort Worth on Friday were stopped at police roadblock and directed into a parking lot, where they were asked by federal contractors for samples of their breath, saliva and even blood. The request was part of a government research study aimed at determining the number of drunken or drug-impaired drivers.


LINK  ( autostart video) 


  1. They would get some blood alright, eventually.

  2. And we, the tax payers are paying 8 million dollars for this? How much is each PD getting paid to "help" them violate our rights. Government and local PD's should not be working together to intimidate citizens. This stinks. Big time.

  3. Are they out of their f_____minds? Sheeple would let them do this??? I agree with Phil on this one.

  4. And, since it's "voluntary", what would happen if you told them to F*CK OFF, PIG?


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