Saturday, September 21, 2013

He Ruined My Dinner Now He'll Ruin Your Lunch...

So, last night around 6 or so the Furious Frenchman decides to send me a text in regards to

his dogs surgery. "Bean" had a large growth on his chest that needed to be removed. I guess

FF decided he wanted to share the success of yesterday's operation.

This is Bean, post surgery, doing well and heading to the next milestone of 14 years old:

Before the text came in I was thinking about a nice rare piece of prime rib for dinner,

a nice side of veggies and maybe a vodka tonic or two.. then my phone beeps with this:

WHAT! THE! FUCK!????    IS that thing breathing??  I bet Bean is 4 lbs lighter now..

Needless to say.. The Prime Rib was shelved and the vodka was increased.

I'm told Bean is doing well and will be back to farting and barking at nothing by Monday.

No slacking allowed and no going on dog disability.The Furious Frenchman won't alllow it.


  1. That looks like what my dog puked up after eating a road kill rabbit.

    Damn. I think I need some scotch.

  2. Sorta looks like a honey glazed chicken on the left and a really, really big burnt baked potato on the right.
    A nice bottle of Sauvignon blanc will make you forget....

  3. Bet that would taste good in a chili. Maybe a bit gamy if he was 14, but still.



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