Sunday, July 21, 2013

THIS is Why Bill Whittle is Awesome.....


  1. Ive been trying to tell that exact story to people around me.
    I have followed this story, and know everything Bill said here.
    However, I have not come close to saying it the way Bill does.
    The ability to pack that much information into that time frame,
    and do it in such a compelling manner, is indeed what
    makes Bill Whittle great!
    That's why I try to watch everything he does.
    This is a great piece to send to people - Thanks Feral!

  2. Who in hell is Bill Whittle and does he have his own show - if so on what channel and when does it air? I have to see more of him that was excellent. By the way, thanks for the heads up on that, I am going to share it as well.


      Check him out at that link Glenn

  3. Bill ALWAYS lays out a clear concise and fact filled argument on all his videos.
    Liberals must spin the facts and lie to argue...


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