Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hmmmm....Preliminary investigation suggests the individuals are from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore, according to state police.

Yup... just walking around the resevoir.

BELCHERTOWN, Mass (WHDH) -- State police have questioned seven people they say were trespassing at the Quabbin Reservoir near Belchertown early Tuesday morning.
State police said a trooper saw two vehicles parked on the grass at the reservoir’s entrance. The trooper saw seven people walking from the Quabbin Reservoir toward the vehicles.
The male individuals claimed to be chemical engineers. The individuals further claimed that they were recent college graduates, according to state police.


  1. Oh, boy.......get ready for a mass poisoning, or a couple of gallons of LSD dumped in there!

    "Chemical Engineers"......gee, I just wonder WTF they were doing there.....

  2. Quabbin is the only water supply for the City of Boston and some of its suburbs. The area is pristine (several towns were drowned to make the reservoir), and its water gets no treatment other than chlorination for bacterial disinfection. NYC's Croton Reservoir is similarly situated, its water is also minimally treated.

    The great sanitary engineer William Sedgwick wrote, "A public supply is a public danger, and for two reasons: first, because it affects large numbers of people; and, second, because it is beyond their direct supervision and control." (Principles of Sanitary Science and the Public Health, 1914, p. 221.)

    Almost all modern water supplies focus on infectious disease prevention and rely on source protection for chemical purity. So, a chemical attack would succeed. However, the hugh volumes of water supplied to major cities means that the chemical toxicant would have to be dosed in multi-tonnage quantities. I believe Chicago consumes something like 8 billion gallons per day. A toxicant effective at 1 part per million would have to be supplied at the rate of 33.4 tons per day.And the attack would have to be conducted for several days to poison the whole distribution system. This would require a military-scale attack and occupation of the water supply system. Most sanitary engineers and security professionals. do not think such attacks are creditable.

    This does not mean the idiot Jihadi's won't try it.

    But small scale attacks are possible, espcially if only a few neighborhoods are targeted rather than a whole city, and the whole point of terrorism is fear not death and destruction. A better target would be a shopping mall. It's much easy to pull off, and the resulting terror and economic damage would be extreme.

    1. HI Sykes, Thanks for the education! I know the Quabbin is huge and it would take a lot of "whatever" to
      cause real issues but what about the possibilty of driving a truck into it or flying a plane into it?

      That would get a good about of "whatever" into the water. Even if it was so diluted that it would cause
      any issues just the thought that the water was contaminated would cause major issues with the public.

      Best Regards

  3. That should be NOT credible.

  4. "There are NOT the terrorists you're looking for!"


  5. Thank you, sykes.

    I'd never thought of the sheer volumes of toxins required, although I should have.

  6. Baptism! They were there for a baptism!


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