Tuesday, April 23, 2013

WTF is in the drinking water in Washington State?..

  I just heard this on the radio... they have been at it for 6 years... I guess there
aren't any other pressing issues to worry about... wtf?

SEATTLE (Reuters) - Washington state's governor signed into law on Monday the final piece of a six-year effort to rewrite state laws using gender-neutral vocabulary, replacing terms such as "fisherman" and "freshman" with "fisher" and "first-year student."
Lawmakers have passed a series of bills since 2007 to root out gender bias from Washington statutes, though a 1983 state mandate required that all laws be written in gender-neutral terms unless a specification of gender was intended.
"This was a much larger effort than I had envisioned. Mankind means man and woman," said Democratic state Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles of Seattle.
The new gender-neutral references, for example, include "journey-level plumber" instead of "journeyman plumber," "handwriting" in place of "penmanship," and "signal operator" for "signalman."


"Penmanship" is now 'handwriting' as Washington state removes gender bias in statutes


  1. Too many Californians moving there.

  2. Bingo Bob.
    Fuck me, I live there and that's the first I heard of this PC bullshit.
    Like they don't have anything better to do?

  3. Heard the same thing on the radio this morning.
    My gut reaction was, "God Bless Texas" and, "if you immigrate to the great Republic of Texas, please check your liberal politics at the border."
    buncha sleep walking pot heads up there.


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