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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Angry Mike... Defininately WON'T Like This One...


  1. Horrible design. Even the slightest pressure and the front of your pants would be soaked with piss, not to mention after 6 pints and it was time to break the seal. Might be good for a crapper, but I would piss in the sink before one of those...

    1. Would it help if they just took the screens out Charlie? Look Ma, no hands... :D

    2. Hey, now you're onto something MissK. They could lose the screens entirely or if they're worried about cigarette butts cloggin' up the pipes they could at least put the screens deeper into the baritone's "throat" or whatever it's called...

  2. I worked on one of them horns......... Not really, they look to be Yamaha's. Oh by the way, they are baritone's if anyone doesn't know............

  3. Not good to be horny in the bathroom.


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