Saturday, November 10, 2012

To My Readers From Other Countries...

I know many people stop by from around the globe.

What are your thoughts on our election?


  1. I am sad. The takers and users are winning. Soon we will enter our own "dark ages" financial collapse will lead to the collapse of law and order and then, CHAOS.

  2. Do not under estimate the power of a large group of ignorant people.

  3. Hey Irishman!
    I live in in Madison, WI...can that be considered a foreign country? Most of the rest of Wisconsin does!!!


  4. The election was a sad day for me here in the Great White North. All my co-workers the next day were so Happy that the racist Romney did not get in. The ignorance was jaw dropping. I gave up trying to explain. Head meet brick wall.

    Stock up, lock and load, Pray the dear Lord will be there.

  5. RAT SHIT you got dun. wanna hand to get it back ?

    from Aussie. ;P

  6. Hi Irishman,

    I followed the lead up to the elections on the Ulsterman Report and other non MSM sites, and watched the TV debates. The more I learned about Romney, the more I liked him, and I find it hard to believe that America passed him over for Obama. It will be interesting to see how the next 4-years pan out and how Obama handles the looming fiscal cliff. Maybe the Republicans just avoided a poison chalice - like Greece.

    N. Ireland, UK.

  7. The US was a beacon of Freedom, Capitalism and Individualism in the world.

    Now that light has gone out, I fear the rest of the world will follow suit.

  8. Obama will make the USA more like the UK and the EU in general. Lots of socialist loveliness for you to look forward to...not.

    Wasn't that keen on Romney but, by god, Obama has been pretty bloody useless. Chin up - you may have to weather 4 more years (but couldn't somebody impeach him over Benghazi?)

    All the best

    Jon T (UK)

  9. I'm from the US, but I work in east africa as a pilot flying throughout South Sudan, Congo, CAR, Uganda, Kenya.

    The people here -love- Obama. I see Obama shirts, hats, bags, etc everywhere i go. The Kenyans especially.

    They're very pleased to see him be re-elected though some of the shine has worn off since he's done precisely zero for them, but he's still wildly popular.

    I keep asking if they want him back. So far no takers....makes me wonder if they really do like him. Personally when i heard the news he was re-elected I nearly threw up. Not a good day for the US.

  10. The Democratic Commonwealth of the People's Republic of Massachusetts was excited to see Dear Leader reelected.

    No, in all seriousness, I had a long facebook debate with a socialist friend from Germany who was ecstatic. This was no surprise, as the Germans have mastered being socialist but wealthier than every other nation in their sphere of influence because they've driven manufacturing and competitive enterprise out of the other nations. Of course they're happy that someone else is at the wheel of the gravy train that pays everyone else's bills. We ensure that everyone else has enough currency available to buy Germany's goods.

  11. o begley here, the media needs to get the "wake the hell up" notice because there next on the hit list from the UN, after our guns. Lies ,control, submission, ,beter to learn the SERE program or revert to old colony methods to over come the oppressive pricks and bitchs.

  12. A sad day for the US - although he will have nowhere to hide and no-one else to blame for the shitstorm that is coming your way. Hope you all make it through the next 4 years.

    Bandycoot in NZ

  13. The zombie apocolypse is well under way . God help us all . Steve NZ

  14. Thank you all for your well wishes.
    It's going to get really bad here in the next year or so, and I expect a civil war before our communist "president" leaves office....if he does.

  15. Do you have to reminded that WE'RE FUCKED?

  16. You are well on the way to becoming a welfare state like we are in New Zealand. There are now more voters relying on the state for a handout than those doing it for themselves. The voting majority now believe they don't have to do the menial tasks, the Chinese will make those widgets. They believe they can vote themselves rich. They believe that the reason why there are rich people is because somehow the rich have more than their fair share and have 'stolen' from the poor. They believe that everybody is equal, but that some people are more equal than others. They believe that welfare entitlement should be measured by the less I do for myself, the more aid I qualify for.

    The only good to come out of this is that Obama needs another 4 years to finish what he started. America is not yet at the point of accepting the need to take her medicine. If Obama takes her there, that will put him and his party out for 15 years, at which time the real men can come in and reinstate the constitution. Good Luck!


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