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Friday, October 12, 2012

Drunken Philosophy.....

One of the guys this week came up with a new term as we were sitting around the poker table and drinking:

Irresponsible Satisfaction:

A label or explanation for when a society destroys it's own economic viability by the 
demand of it's consumers for more sophisticated products whose manufacturing costs increase and subsequently force companies to under pay their employees to keep prices down and profits up.

Ya, I know it's deep but he wanted me to post it...

Disclaimer,  Mr. Gran Marnier and Cigars were involved.


  1. Deep thinking my ASS, that's called an economic circle jerk, plain & simple. Too many GM's and still foggy maybe???

  2. Amazing how clearly one can think when "under the influence..."

  3. A taste or four of Maker's Mark, 18 holes, poker, ceegars, = philosophers.

  4. Mr. Gran Marnier and Cigars were involved.

    Now that is the way to do some deep thinking!

    It is 2:30 AM here on the high desert and I just finished
    a nice Fuentes Hemmingway ceegar and a bit too much Ezra Brooks
    12 yr. hootch. Was out in the yard by the fire as the first
    bit o' rain rolled in. Winter is knocking at the tee tops and I love it.


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