Tuesday, October 9, 2012

mASSachusetts is full of idiots...

They drag out Kennedy 3.0 to run for office and he is ahead in the polls. People in this state are

just plain zombies. They will vote D or Kennedy with no thought at all. WTF??

Any way.. over a ACES I saw this post that he just put up:

The following information is, as far as I know, exclusive to the HQ and is based on communications with sources inside the Bielat campaign.
The headlines show Kennedy leading Bielat in the polls with ~55% of the vote, but ... and this is a big but ... new polling data from last week shows that lead to be as soft as little Joe Kennedy's hands that have never done an honest day's work in their life.
This is far different than Barney Frank's base of support that proved to be solid all the way through the 2010 race, and there has been a net 12% swing in support to Bielat since candidates announced early this year.
According to campaign sources, 11% of voters in the district, including 1 in 3 Elizabeth Warren voters, remain undecided. And of poll respondents who say they plan to vote for Kennedy, only 50% say that decision is definite compared to ~85% for Warren (and a like number for Brown).

I would love to see Bielat win.


  1. my district, lots of Bielat signs, but no ads on broadcast media, whereas JKIII has lots of air time. I think populace thinks Kennedy is "romantic" since the volksrepublik is full of zombies, but populace is neither likely nor registered voters. Sean will likely do well if Romney does well, will do poorly and may lose if the SCOMF does well. The key to this gerrymandered district is actually the Bristol county citizens. Middlesex will vote Kennedy, Norfolk will go for Bielat with the exception of Brookline and Dover (Needham and Wellesley will split), Plymouth will go for Kennedy, Worcester will split, and Bristol is the key. the above populations will essentially cancel out. Bristol, you need to get the hoodsies* (girl from the 'hood...you know, the whicked smaht ones in a pony tail giving her a headache snapping on the chewing gum)and the union guys to see their owm self interest. It comes down to Fall River. the other towns cancel out, and they have the population and the welfare rolls to worry about. the race hangs on how either can do in Bristol county. sad, but true.

    1. sorry it went out as "unknown",
      been lurking too long, need to get into the fight, but alas, must fight the machine first.



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