Friday, September 28, 2012

Post Office Defaults to The Tune Of Billions....

Maybe these were being repossessed this morning?.. ;-)

This was the scene in front of me at 7:30 am

The people at my local post office are very friendly and helpful it's gonna be a rough road
ahead for a lot of decent people.


  1. I do hope the post office can get its act together, I hate to see anyone lose their job, except Obama that is. However the staff at my local post office act like rude TSA agents. Don't know if its the uniforms or the union mentality. But they are rude jerks here. I can see why they are not doing well.

  2. crankyjohn, can you say IRONY???

  3. For example, I am in line one day to send off a package. Elderly lady in front off me is there to send off a package as well. She comes up to the counter with her package and paper work and the jerk at the window sees she has one line she has not filled out on the paperwork, so she starts to fill it out and the jerk tells her to get out of line. She says " it will just take a second" and the jerk starts yelling at her to go to the end of the line. To her credit she did not take his shit. She called him out and said "why are you yelling at me?" She refused to get out of line and it did only take her a second to finish the paper work. The guy was just a total ass wad. He got a dirty look from me as well. She took his name down and reported his ass. I hope that douchbag got fired. You don't scream at elderly people.

  4. I reckin' not, nuff said!

  5. While many postal workers and postal carriers are good people, the majority of the postal workers are a lazy, entitled, inefficient bunch of self absorbed pissants.

    They get outrageous benefits for the amount of work they do, and the institution is filled with career civil servants, any minorities who couldn't find work without the preference in hiring.

    Used to be, you worked for low pay as a postal worker, but the benefits and retirement were good. There was pride in the work and the organization.. Now the pay is very good, as are the benefits and retirement. But the workers don't contribute to their retirement nor to their health care plan. And the pans are underfunded. And most workers do as little as possible and are just putting in their time towards retirement.

    I feel sorry for the good ones, but they chose to work for such an institution.

  6. They are the highest paid, unskilled laborers in the world. They know it. How complicated is it? walk from this porch to the next porch, put this paper in the mail box....... We could teach 5th graders to do-------- ANY --------- job/position in the post office with no decrease in production.

    The postal workers have no shame; they know they are parasites on society. Good people? Maybe--- have some in my own family... but, we do not need their junk mail, and that is all they deliver these days.

    The federal government needs them for their (union) votes.


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