Wednesday, September 26, 2012

BEST. COMMUTE. In a Looooong Time....

Every once in awhile the radio stations play a song you haven't heard in forever . That song that just makes you want to crank it up, open the windows and break the law. This morning I hit XM38 Ozzie'z Boneyard and what to my listening ears should I happen to hear start?



  1. I was an overnight dj in college. This was my go-to song when I needed a potty break.

  2. Dude. Get an iPod with the BIG memory. Best thing ever invented. I have seven DAYS worth of album cuts...just about every song I ever liked since I was a miscreant youth up to today...with memory space to spare! Hook that bad-boy up to the car stereo and be transported. I never hear the same track twice listening all week for ten hours or more a day during work! Screw Sirius and terrestrial radio.

  3. That sure brings back high-school memories!


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