Saturday, August 18, 2012

Some A55wipe Just Flew Past The Back Of My Building...

...with 6-8 helicopters....

WINDHAM, N.H.—Returning to New Hampshire for the third time this year, President Barack Obama stopped in Windham on Saturday to garner support for his re-election bid, as the presidential campaign heads into its final three months.



  1. I hear his speech in the background, from tv, here.

    The democrats always seem to project their complaints against republicans.

    "Republicans are throwing arguments at Obamacare to see what sticks, no we're not doing that against Ryan." "Republicans use the same talking points, never mind that everyone on our side uses the exact same lines as each other."

  2. Small town. Small gym. Fitting setting for small talk. And the crowd looks really, really large on TV. (Wonder if they bussed anyone in.)


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