Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dear President Obama,

I read this int the comments section of >THIS< article..It needs to be shared.

Mr. Romney you are doing fine . . . keep it up . . . we are counting on you.
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Dear President Obama,
Mr. Obama my relatives escaped Russia to avoid being slaughtered, and on my mothers side were here during the founding of the United States of America.  I exist and live in the greatest nation on the face of the Earth because they suffered, fought for, and built this country.  I will not stand by and allow you and others of your ilk, to divide us, only to destroy the very foundation that this society rests on.  That foundation is the successful evolution of the immigrant into a flag waving God fearing American, we’ve got a few people in this country who need a little reminder of this, this is my effort to do so.
Immigration, or the perverted form of willful blindness that now exists, is a complete failure.  What brought us to this point is nothing more then one political party trying to best the other in the vain search for political power.  As each political party vie for territory and the perfect con, or these days, “narrative,” the scars from the battle begin to show.  Pretty soon “We The People” begin to take matters into our own hands.  Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer is a great example, Hazleton Pennsylvania and various school systems that are desperately trying to maintain or fix a broken melting pot are others.  Americans have a knack for adapting and overcoming liberal stupidity on a local level.
Lets get back to the basics.  America will always need and want immigrants; that is not up for debate with this American.  The issue is something very evil called a hyphen.  Some view it as a way to justify their differences still other’s see it as justification for perpetual victimhood.  I am very happy that the men who protected our B-17’ and B-24’s in World War Two saw themselves as Americans not African-Americans, I spent time with my Grandfather because of their valiant service.  To me that hyphen is pure evil, that the right tyrannical leader will one day use to divide us.  That day is today.
What we need is an immigration policy that does not perpetuate division, but one that perpetuates unity and common cause to help us in our wider mission of forming “a more perfect union.”  To accomplish this we must lose the hyphen once and for all, speak the English language, pledge allegiance to the flag, and believe in God, no matter how one chooses to express it.  Then we must welcome people into our melting pot wanting to build their lives in peace and participate in our system of free enterprise.  We welcome them as Americans only looking for an opportunity, not as a hyphenated people looking for a handout to aspire to live as huddled masses in government housing.
Your effort to divide us will not win the day Mr. Obama.  Mine will.  Why?  Because history and experience has shown, while messy and at times dangerous, it works.  It works so well in fact a nation of immigrants in the new world saved the old world from evil, not by being divided, but by being unified by a common American “can do” culture.  To continue on your path of racial division can only lead to our destruction.
We will not let that happen.
Joe Doakes


  1. Feral,

    I don't have a link but you should read Teddy Roosevelt's take on hypenated Americans. It closely parallels what you have posted here. Wicked smaht, that Teddy fellow. Wicked smaht.

    - Brad

    1. Thanks Brad I found it :)

      I'll post it in a bit.



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