Saturday, May 5, 2012

Um Hello?... Statefarm?..ah, we have an issue...


  1. Somebody's looking for a new job!

  2. Someone is defiantly looking for a new job, and it won't be hauling heavy equipment.

    He should have seen -before he started that the boom was too high. If it's chained right, it won't be over 13' 6"" high (at the max) and the lowest highway bridge I've gone under is 14'.

    I bet there was a lot of electric, cable and phone problems on that rout.

  3. ...that should be definitely... stoopid spellcheck....

  4. Bridges over Interstate highways were originally set at 14' 6" in order to allow passage of the Army's Longtom (atomic cannon). These clearances have degraded over time, and I have seen warning signs indicating clearances less than 14'.

    In any case, the clearances for all bridges are known and published by state DOTs. The driver should have checked. Also, it is probably illegal to transport a crane with the boom in the upright position.

    It's not only the driver's responsibility (who is clearly and idiot who should lose his CDL), but also the people who loaded the crane on the trailer. Another bunch of unemployed and unemployable idiots.

    The owners/managers of the transport company will suffer the financial consequences (several million dollars), and they should. They are very bad managers who do not adequately supervise or train their workers.

    Hope no one was on the bridge.

  5. Maybe be "blew a steer tire."

    Yeah. That's it.

    We in the truckin' industry call that "delivering a bridge." A driver normally delivers only one bridge during the span of his/her career.


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