Friday, May 4, 2012

Take 5 mins. Go Read This With an Open Mind.....

Borepatch has a post that has a very unique thought to real Hope and Change.

Read this to understand the reasons why he Endorses Obama.

Stick with me on this, because I am motivated by hope and change.


  1. That is what I've been thinking; though I'll be one of 2% writing in Ron Paul.

    Here is the person we want instead:

  2. Sorry, I don't like sounding so hateful, but anyone that votes for BHO deserves every bad thing that happens to them resulting from his policies. You know what he's capable of and voting for him just makes those voting for him a bunch of enablers.

    Don't feed the beast.

  3. If Obama is elected he will use his lame duck final years to give amnesty to all illegal aliens in this country. 25-30 million new registered Democrats overnight. And then it won't matter one bit if the Tea Party doubles, or triples, or even quadruples. It will be the end of the Republic.

  4. Thanks Tim I'll check it out.

    Matt, I don't disagree with you or with Borepatch. It definitely opened up a good conversation.

    SWASS, Good Point, that issue in itself is definitely something to take into consideration.

    This is going to be a VERY important election needless to say and we are all going to have to be vigilant and aware of what happens in the next few months and how it will affect us in the next 25 50 100 years....

    Thanks for you all commenting.

  5. Og had a post up today that's not the same thing, but is sort of related. He, like me, is getting a bunch of comments from people who aren't following the argument logically.

    I'm happy to admit that I might be wrong in my chain of reasoning, but I'm not getting a lot of folks pointing out where, just that BHO is bad, mkay? Well, sure. So what do we do about it that brings actual (not just seeming) change?

  6. Thanks BP..I'll check out OG's Post.

  7. must be written in your own blood.

    It's about time for them to get serious.


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