Friday, December 16, 2011

Brain-eating Amoeba.....

A sinus-flushing device used to relieve colds and allergies has been linked to a deadly brain-eating amoeba.

Louisiana's state health department issued a warning about neti pots - which look like mini watering cans, that are used by pouring salty water through one nostril.



  1. I had a case of the brain-eating amoeba last month...the doctor said it starved to death.

  2. Where do they get the name "neti pot"? Seems like they're just using a tea pot as a fancy douchebag for their noses.

  3. Can't believe I'm owning this in THIS crowd, but...

    A while back I must have inhaled a cat-hair or something in my sleep - I woke with my sinuses ON FIRE and sneezed literally 3 or 400 times in the next hour or so. Every few seconds... it was KILLING ME!

    Pharmacist suggested I try the "neti pot" and I did.

    Gross? Weird?

    Yeah - at first - but after a couple of days you'll wonder how you ever got by without it!

    I have much less "sinus trouble" - haven't had a sinus infection since, no more nosebleeds, no more feeling like my sinuses are full of concrete...

    I can smell better, breathe better...

    Once you get past the "ick" factor, THIS THING ROCKS!

    But COMMON SENSE should tell you to only use distilled water!

    I mean... DUH!

    You're basically pouring this stuff right into your head, just a couple of MM from your brain. you want it to be STERILE, JACKASS!

    Seriously though - neti-pot ROCKS!


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