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Thursday, November 10, 2011

We Are Doomed as a Society.... part whatever..

I stopped at McD's this morning for 2 Egg McMuffins ( I am eating low carb so I feed the english muffins to the birds at work), a bottle of water and a coffee.  The girl and the digital sign say "$8.31 at the second window".

I pull around to the window and hand her a twenty dollar bill,  a quarter, a nickle and a penny. 


still * whistling..........

She gave me the wrong change twice, in my favor mind you, and I finally had to explain
that $20.31 minus $8.31  was $12.00.  Don't they have that on the register?

What the hell is going on in our schools................................


  1. She must have gone to a school for Liberals, they get everything wrong. .

  2. Good Morning APOI :)

    The schools are just pushing them through without really teaching.

  3. Yeah, doomed. Strangely a timely post: just threw this one up myself: http://www.esthermofet.com/2011/11/tassel-is-worth-what.html

  4. I don't think a kid can even fail a grade anymore. According to my Daughters no one gets left back, even if they fail the grade.

    Yep, doomed...

  5. Top of the morning to you Sir.

    After reading the comment that you left on my blog, I did a bit of research and here is my finding.

    Pissed, I could be wrong and you may be correct, I don't know what to tell you except that the place I got this from is dated 11/3/2011 9:23:56 AM And titled "Occupy wall street"

    So I take it that it's current.
    Have a look yourself.


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