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Monday, November 7, 2011

So, Have Any Of You Heard Of..............

Bix Weir? or  "theroadtoroota.com"?

I got this in an email earlier from someone that I trust so to speak and it's a
bit disconcerting to say the least and it might just be all scare tactics.
Just wanted to see if any of you heard any of this?

This was my friends lead in to the email:

An interesting prediction thought you might be interested.  Upcoming test of nationwjde alert system on wednesday could disrupt computers and financial systems and be the excuse for a global monetary collapse. 

And below is the body of the email:

If we get past this week without some sort of global disruptive event then feel free to throw those "slings and arrows" at me because EVERYTHING I watch is flashing RED ALERT!

Now is the time to head to the BUNKER if you have one and batten down the hatches.

I have said it many times...
"Un-backed fiat money will not survive more than a week after silver and gold are allowed to trade freely. "
We are there so expect SOMETHING WICKED to spring from the twisted mind of the Bad Guys very soon (more than likely this week!).  It might be framed as a terrorist attack, WW3, asteroid event,  computer/electronic problem or a huge financial hiccup that is unrecoverable.
For Private Road Subscribers I have prepared a rescue plan if the internet shuts down or the site gets hacked but it involves a horse and buggy delivering your paper form of a monthly Road to Roota Letter so don't expect instant coverage.
The TIME LINE is still right on track and the world should look VERY different come Jan 1st.

Special Report: Time Line

Those of you wishing to sign up for the Private Road or RENEW your subscription ahead of time we may be looking at this week as the last chance to make successful financial transactions before the chaos kicks in. Here's the link to signup or renew:

We have come a very long way down this Road.
Hopefully you have prepared for what lies ahead.
Bix Weir


  1. Hopefully we all have out stuff together for the short haul, at least.

    I've seen other cOmments elsewhere where people are trying to tie all these events together. Who knows, they might be on to something.

    Folks are starting to get wound pretty tight.

  2. I agree Matt, this friend is a Dr. National Guard he says there is alot of undercurrent that is going on as to something big happening.

    Scary to say the least.

  3. Too bad your "friend" couldn't enlighten us more.

  4. I'll be seeing him in a few weeks so I will shake him down for more info and post what I can :)

  5. Ohnos, it's Y2K an' we're all gonna die!!! Airplanes will fall out of the sky, the nationwide electric grids will all collapse and our hair dryers won't work!
    And Clinton is declaring martial law so he won't have to leave office. No, I mean, Bush; I mean, Obama.

    Bottom line- some folks just get a kick out of spreading things whose sole intent is to demoralize the people or instill fear or doubt.
    Trust in god, keep your ammo plentiful and press on. No fear. No doubt.

  6. Hope for the best and plan for the worst.


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